My name is Hazel and I opened Toy Corner just before Halloween 2019, in the heart of the wonderful village of Moycullen.

I am the 7th generation in a lineage of retailers, so this business is truly in my DNA! I learned the toy business from my mother and her parents before her, and all of the amazing staff they have employed over the 193 years they have been running their shop in Wicklow Town.

My vision for Toy Corner is to create a magical place for children to find a cuddly best friend, or for a family to find the board game that they'll return to for years and years to come.

I believe in....

  • The possibility for a toyshop to be a memory creating experience for children and adults alike.

  • Shopping local, and supporting independent businesses.

  • Stocking toys that:

    • Develop children's imaginations

    • Have a high play value

    • Act as a vehicle for families to spend more quality time together in play

Overall I believe in the value of real play, for children of all ages, and adults too!