We use our expertise to curate a Boredom Busting Box of surprises for anyone, of any age, or for all the family!  Surprises are one of the best parts of receiving a gift, and generally, the more surprises the better, so we make sure our Boredom Busting Box is filled up with lots of fun items, to a value of €50.


Each box is Toy Corner branded, and is made of cardboard for easy recycling - no additional plastic involved! 


Fill out our form on the order page with a bit more information about the recipients of the box so we can tailor the contents as much as possible.

You can order a box as a gift, and include a personalised gift card by inserting your message below.

You can also opt to have it sent directly to the recipient by inserting the recipients' address in the shipping details.


What do we include?

Well - it depends! Take a look at the kinds of questions we ask in our form so you can see the different aspects we consider when picking items for the box. 

For example, we'll never put in a game for 3 players if the recipient is an only child, or put in an item for a child with lots of small parts if we know they have a 1 year old sibling.

We know it's a hard task at the best of times to pick out toys and activities for children - whether they're your own or not - so we're here to help with that. Trust our expertise and let us curate a gift experience that will be remembered forever!