Baby Clementoni Sweet Bunny Plush Comforter

Baby Clementoni Sweet Bunny Plush Comforter


This super-soft baby rabbit comforter will be your child's first playmate which can go with them at nap time.

 This comforter is made of hypoallergenic fleecy fabric and features the particular ability to absorb odours, reassuring the child during the separation phase.

 The mother will be able to "leave" her scent on the soft toy which will stay with the child throughout the day, becoming their nap-time companion and favourite toy.

 The comforter pendant is a great accessory made of silicone which the mother can wear and which can be chewed by the child as they lie in her arms.

 The pendant can also be used during breast-feeding to stimulate the child's manual dexterity.

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