Call Me Chloe

Call Me Chloe


Call Me Chloe - the stylish doll who just loves to chat with you on her phone!


Call me Chloe is an 18 inch large scale interactive doll, who comes with her own mobile phone and a toy mobile phone for you too! The larger phone looks just like a real modern-day smartphone.

Chloe just loves to talk - she could talk to you for hours! Press the call button on your phone and give Chloe a call. Her phone will ring, and she will move her arm to put it to her ear and really talk to you! Her lips really move as she talks for realistic effect.

Press one of 9 different icons on your phone to choose a topic and to talk about that subject with Chloe. The 9 subjects that Chloe will talk about are: Weather, Shopping, Friendship, Birthdays, Music, Travel, Sleep, Games and Food. There are over 30 phrases that Chloe can say across the various topics. Example phrase ‘Do you want to go to the mall with me, I love to go shopping!’ Once you have finished your chat on a topic Chloe will then prompt you to choose another topic to talk about.

Chloe is totally on trend with her super cool outfit - a denim style pinafore dress covered in 3 patches, featuring an emoji symbol with heart eyes, a rainbow and a love heart. Underneath is a white T Shirt with pink arm trim. Her adorable removeable shoes are pink and blue and feature cute mouse design. Chloe is also compatible with all 18 inch doll clothes and accessories too (sold separately). 

Chloe has beautifully flowing long blonde hair swept to the side with a bright and sparkly rainbow patterned removeable bow. This allows for hair play as part of the play pattern and kids can have fun styling her hair in a variety of ways. Call me Chloe is a fantastic interactive product to encourage and engage a child’s imagination as well as helping to develop and encourage communication, language and conversational skills. 

Requires 3 x AA Batteries (doll), plus 3 x AG13 (Phone) (not included)