Harry Potter Catch the Golden Snitch Game

Harry Potter Catch the Golden Snitch Game


Catch the Golden Snitch: The fast-paced, action-packed card game that Harry Potter would recommend. The game is based on the famous Quidditch game, which is about catching the Golden Snitch. The Quidditch chest is placed in the centre of the table. Each player receives 4 cards and tries to create as many combinations and pairs as possible from the cards in order to get points.

The cards are passed on continuously - turbulent fun is guaranteed. Beware of the flying bludgers - just don't get hit when the ball is flying. After a certain amount of time, the Golden Snitch will be thrown into the air from the Quidditch chest. Whoever grabs it ends the game with a bonus advantage. The winner is whoever was able to collect the most points.

Age 8+

3-4 Players