Sylvanian Families - Starry Point Lighthouse

Sylvanian Families - Starry Point Lighthouse

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The house consisting of a lighthouse and lodge. Light from the lighthouse will project twinkling constellations on the ceiling of your room, the light switches on when one of the slides provided is pushed all the way in while you have a whale of a time setting up the beautifully designed furniture. 

Where better to gaze at the night sky than from the Starry Point Lighthouse? Watch the stars twinkle, countdown to firework night or look at the moon right up close – you can even see all of this projected onto your bedroom ceiling using the slides that are included with the set! 

As easy as A, B, C, just flick the switch, insert a slide and you can project beautiful night sky images on your bedroom ceiling (note: the light only switches on when the slides provided are pushed all the way in). 

Climb the seashell stairs, play snap on the whale-shaped table or sail off to sleep in a bed which resembles a pirate ship – the fun never ends! (Batteries not included)